Solar Powered Pond Pump

Solar powered pond pumpSolar powered pond pumps are essential for your garden for several reasons. If you are not the one who is following a world trend of switching to solar energy and therefore saving our environment and making oneself save lots of money, then you should consider joining the club.

These stories are not fake, since everything explained is completely true and you can save your expenditures on energy by using free, alternative source of energy – the sun. Sun is openly accessible from any part of the world and its energy is free for use. Therefore why not to use it for your own purposes, when it can bring so many great benefits, that you could hardly dream about before.

How does it Work

Solar powered pond pump is a special water pump which is equipped with solar panel, which will receive energy from the sun and will convert it into the power to make your pump work. Since the brighter the day the more you are willing to see your pond pump working, therefore it is a perfect combination for such a solar powered pump, since more sun means more energy for it.

Benefits of Solar Powered Pond Pumps

Pond pumps represent great advantages for its owners. Since solar power is an alternative energy and is free, therefore there will be no electricity bills for operating your pond pump. It is true that initial investment may seem quite high, however consider it as a great step into more efficient and favorable future of your family, as solar powered pond pump will pay off already in couple of years.

Solar powered pond pump represent to you a freedom of movement and relocation. This particularly is because solar powered pump doesn’t need any wiring or cables. Therefore feel free to place your solar pond pump in any desired place and relocate it with ease afterwards.

The last but not the least benefit is the fact that by using solar power you are benefiting our environment. Using sun energy is ecologically friendly and doesn’t harm our eco-system, if comparing with electricity or other sources of energy. Therefore you are bringing benefit not only to your own household, but also to the whole environment.

Offers on the Market

UK producer of solar equipment Swell UK has such a pond pump available for public - Bermuda Jupiter Solar Pond Pump. It has no running costs and several years of warranty. This solar powered pond Pump will work on a cloudy day and also at night; the fountain stream will adjust up to 70cm. This pump also comes with LED lights to give it a quality look at night.

The USA producer, Instapark has a model of Large Solar Powered Pond Water Pump of 5 Watts. It has a water lift height of 45 inches and water flow capacity of 360 liter per hour. This pond pump is equipped with cord to the solar panel of over 10 feet long; therefore you can place a panel at the best sunny place available. It is perfect for creating a unique look to your pond and yard.

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