Solar Powered Lawn Mower

Solar powered lawn mowerA solar powered lawn mower is usually a special electric lawnmower that uses solar power as its main energy source. They may be different in design and also in the amount of power used. You may come across special partly solar powered mowers; you may also find fully solar powered lawn mowers for your household.

An electric lawn mower with a solar panel which will be charging your device is a lot easier in usage. Its easiness and benefits lie in the fact that there is no dangerous gasoline or oil you have to deal with while tanking your mower.

It also eliminates those troublesome trips to the gas station for fill-ups. All you need is to just plug in the mower into the special charging station when it is not in use and it will start charging for your next mowing! Most importantly it doesn’t represent any harm to your health and also doesn’t harm the environment as there are no emissions of any internal combustion.

How Does It Work

Usually lawn mowers are powered by the oil or gasoline engines. This is not the case with the solar powered lawn mower. It is usually equipped with the electric motor. This motor can run from the smaller volt battery. In turns this battery is charged with the help of the solar panel and the photovoltaic effect, which converts the captured solar power into electricity. This principle is common for others solar powered devices like: solar powered air conditionersolar powered flashlight or solar powered fan. Solar powered lawn mower while not being used will be charged from a special power station with the solar panel, filling the battery with the energy for your future operations. Since you need to mow your lawn one or two times a week, your solar powered lawn mower will have plenty of time to be fully charged for your next use.

Benefits of Solar Powered Lawn Mower

Solar powered lawn mower represents an alternative way of keeping your lawn nice and cozy without any additional expenditure except the initial investment.  You will need no more oil or gasoline for your lawn mower in order to be able to cut the grass of your outside area. In such a way you save a lot on constant fill-ups. You will also not incur any running costs, because solar power is openly accessible and free, therefore you may use it as often as you want.

Solar powered lawn mower is also safe for your health. No more dangerous emissions or gasoline fumes. Therefore now even your kids can help you make your lawn look good, without any worries for their health.

Offers on the Market

German producer of outdoor equipment Husqvarna can offer first fully automatic lawn mower, available for private consumers, that is partly powered by the sun. Their product, Automower® Solar Hybrid, will mow your lawn whisper quiet with nearly zero emissions, while you can enjoy your rest or quality time with the family. After the job is done, this great device will return to its charging base all on its own. Automower® Solar Hybrid is also capable of mowing a 7,500 square feet of grass and it can be also easily programmed to work at certain times or days of the week.

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