Solar Powered Pond Aerator

Solar powered pond aeratorSolar powered pond aerator will be a great helper in keeping your pond healthy and prevent the living creatures there from hypoxia. If you have ponds in your garden, or artificially made lakes, keep in mind that your fish and plants in those need oxygen to thrive and therefore solar powered pond aerator is an ideal source of oxygen for them.

As it is fully solar powered, you can use it almost anywhere you want, not just close to a mains electric socket. Solar powered pond aerator represents a great relief for your pond life and also alternative solution for you, which will not add up to your monthly expenditures.

Operations and Benefits

Solar powered pond aerator is a very efficient alternative to standard aeration devices. These fully automatic solar aeration systems are designed in a special way so as to be able to run even up to 20 hours per day under standard operating settings. The special battery backup systems allow those solar aerators to run like normal aerators without any major outages, even during the night.

Solar powered pond aerators are equipped with solar panels which absorb the sun-light during the day and charge the battery, which enables the solar aerator to work even during the darker times. As long as solar panel is installed correctly at the best spot possible, where it gets the most sun-light, you can forget about it, and be sure that pond will be properly aerated.

Since from its name it is quite clear that such a type of pond aerator will use solar energy for its operations, it means that will this system will not cost anything to you after your initial purchase. Therefore there will be no financial expenditures except the first payment which will become the last one. Solar power is easily accessible and free, so be sure that solar powered pond aerator will pay off even after the first year of usage.

What is more, solar powered pond aerator is not harmful for the environment. No dangerous emissions, no other resources needed for its operations, therefore by using it you are helping the environment in every sense.

Offers on the Market

UK distributor and manufacturer of outdoor and garden equipment Premier Edition can offer different kinds of solar powered pond aerators. It most popular model is Solar Pond Aerator - E764, which will ensure clean and healthy environment for your pond. It is ideal for small and medium sized decorative ponds. Due to its high efficiency and relatively low price it will pay off for itself right during the first-year usage. It also operates in hot and cold temperatures.

For more commercial uses US producer Living Water Aeration can offer Solaer Solar Powered Pond Aerator – for 1, 2, 3 or even 5 acres. These devices will ensure high performance and great commercial advantages for the buyer. For example Solaer Solar Powered Pond Aerator - 1 acre is equipped with 180watt solar panel and 100' of Alpine Self Weighted Tubing.

Also you can use in your pond other solar powered equipment like solar powered pond pump, solar water features or solar powered outdoor lights that will be very convenient if you don't have outlet nearby.

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