Solar Powered Boat

Solar powered boatIf before solar power was associated with smaller devices and household appliance like solar powered fan, solar powered flashlight and others, today world changes so rapidly, that solar power can be used almost anywhere and solar powered boat is the best example of it.

During hot and sunny day it is the best way to relax while sailing on such a boat, knowing that in such a way you are not only spending a quality leisure time, but also do not harm the surrounding, since solar powered boat works solely on power gained from the sun, without any motors that pollute air and water with oils, exhausting fumes and other.

Solar shuttles have been built starting from 2000 and are used for transportation and excursion purposes. Some solar powered ships have a capacity to carry up to 120 passengers. Solar powered boats get the energy for navigating from the sun.  As a core they use electric motors and are equipped with storage batteries, which are charged by solar panels and photovoltaic cells, installed on the outer side of the boat. The most fascinating feature about such boats is that they are uniquely suited so as to transform sun-light energy into movement. Environmentally friendly and safe, as well as free solar energy is an efficient way to power your leisure boats or/and commercial oceangoing vessels.

Benefits of Solar Powered Boats

Since solar boats use solar panels as the core for their operations ability, they have a number of great benefits, which put them far apart from ordinary water-going vessels. Particularly solar panels and systems are very reliable and easy to maintain. Since solar panels are installed on the boats without any moving parts it would be enough to just visually check the panel for any disparities. Another benefit is that solar power has virtually no impact on the environment; and during hot and sunny days the boat will operate even better. The fact that solar systems and solar modules are quite flexible is an advantage as well; therefore they are suitable to satisfy any of your needs. It is quite easy to build in solar panels to any boat size.

Offers on the Market

It may be hard to believe but solar powered boats are built also for public. Therefore all the people, who are willing to purchase a solar powered boat, have all the possible ways of getting one. Greatest manufacturers of solar powered boats are Japanese largest shipping company Nippon Yusen; the other manufacturer is Toyota Motor Corporation. Planet Solar SA, launched an entirely solar powered boat in 2010. Monaco-based company Wally Yachts has announced a creation of "gigayacht", boat powered by solar energy.

If you are looking for getting a solar powered boat for your leisure you should consider the following offers. French producer Aequus has manufactured Aequus 7.o - a 7 meter family day solar boat. It is easy to navigate, transport, got in and out of water independently. American producer Electric Yacht, has a wide range of solar powered boats to suit every taste as well as the range of accessories for your common boat in order to convert it into a solar powered one.

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