Солнечные панелиThis web-site is dedicated to new, rapidly developing, environmentally friendly renewable energy which is becoming more and more popular across the globe. Solar power is a great solution for your home, business or for bigger organizations. Its benefits are immense – starting from no explicit costs during the usage and ending with various applications which can ease your life.

Here you’ll be able to find constantly updating news, details, information, products examples to make you familiar with solar power and solar devices that exist, as well as to help you determine that this is a great opportunity for you as well.

How solar power works

Sun is a great source of energy which is easy accessible and is relatively interminable. In the time of climate change and lots of negative impacts onto our environment it is vital to become greener and more cautious about the surrounding. Modern solar energy technology has introduced great devices, such as solar powered generators, solar powered chargers, and even solar powered cars and other; which help us, private consumers and also firms, in solving most urgent and challenging problems that all of the people around the world face.

Solar devices are constructed in such a way that they can capture, convert and distribute solar energy. There exist different types of solar cells. The most popular solar cells use the photovoltaic effect. Solar house systems and solar cells are devices which convert light into electric current through this effect. They have the ability to effectively convert up to 18% of the received light. While using these devices you will be having your own small power plant, which will be making electricity out of sun-light, which can be effectively stored for future uses.

Costs and Efficiency

Deciding on whether to change your home into a source of alternative power or not, whether to buy solar panels for supplying energy to all your electronic devices or not, is a very important question. The initial costs of this technology is quite high, however it will for sure be repaid, since no further costs will be acquired during the usage and solar panels are now quite efficient in their tasks. However, as there are different types of solar cells (polymer solar cells, silicon solar cells and etc.) they vary greatly in their output. Some cells are capable of producing ~ 100 watt under the best conditions; other panels can be even twice as efficient, it will depend on the type of the cells ad well as on the manufacturer of the cell.

Where can I use solar power?

There is a great variety of solar panels which can help you power your whole house, or other individual smaller devices, such as TVs, refrigerators, cell phones, cameras and other. Since there are also a great variety of portable solar cells, it means more freedom and more opportunities for you, because today you can benefit from solar powered camping equipment, which will help you make your rest more enjoyable and comfortable. You can also use your solar power to decorate and light up your garden, while using solar powered candles, lanterns and bigger lights.

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