Solar powered candles will be eternal flame at cemetry

Solar powered candlesSolar powered candles are a new trend for gardens, outdoor areas, garages, or any other use that you may possible think of.

This is a great device which will provide eternal light, and you no longer need to bother with changing the batteries or complex extension for electric systems.

Solar powered candles will become very handy for places where electricity is not easily reached, or where you need not a big, though constant source of light. They work like another solar device solar powered camping lantern but give more romantic feeling.

What they are

The special candles which are solar powered will produce light without additional devices or connections. In their appearance they look like real candles, however these are usually small light bulbs made in special forms which resemble candle flame. Small lamp may come in different colors – from shades of red to white in order to produce special effect. During the day the solar powered candle will absorb light from the sun. It will store it and transform it into electricity which may work in two different ways.

The first, most common one is when the candle will have a special battery, usually a small one, AA size. It will use the converted sun power to charge the battery during the night, which will eventually make the lamp glow.

The second type of solar powered candles will have a special device which may function without a battery. However, such a construction is a little more complex, and therefore the candle itself will be bigger in size in comparison to the one described above.

Such candles may be used to lighten up your back yard, or the path in front of your house. You may also place them on the roof of the household or in front of the windows in order to make your house look more cozy and welcoming. Such a candle may also become very useful when you are looking for a proper and long-lasting candle for a cemetery.

Where to buy

These candles are now easy to find in the market. Such solar powered candles use a single small solar panel (portable solar cells), which will use the sunlight during the day and will provide stable and consistent light during the night. These solar candles often come with light sensor which will automatically turn on the solar candle at dusk, making it to light through the night, using the power only when it is needed, and not wasting it in vain.

Solar candles are great helpers for outdoor light sources, since small AA batteries which make them function will need replacement only once in a year. Special grooved bottom of the candle will prevent the moisture of essential parts of the candle in case of rain puddles or other. The battery and solar panel (types of solar cell may be different) are usually placed at the middle (the center) of the unit, rather than the bottom or the very top for preventing corrosion of the internal parts, which solar candles may be prone to.

The best solar powered candles will use LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) instead of simple light bulbs, since LEDs can last even up to 100.000 hours and will not require constant changing. Solar powered candles from Thomson Monuments (the USA, Iowa) use LEDs and come in overall dimensions of 7 3/4” in height, and 2 3/4” in width.

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