Solar Powered Flashlight

Solar powered flashlightAfter being charged for couple of hours the solar powered flashlight can give several hours of constant, strong light. It is a best helper in a situation when you need light during the night; however you happen to forget to take extra batteries along with yourself.

Or when you are caught in an emergency situation and have no chargers, batteries or other way to charge your flashlight, then what you have to do is to leave the flashlight under the sun-rays and let it absorb the energy from the sun, which later will be used to lighten up your way.

Solar powered flashlights will have two major components, at first it will be the solar panel, as it is the main source of energy supply which will convert the sun-light into electricity and charge the battery inside the flashlight. Such flashlights can vary in features, characteristics and capabilities. However, you can expect a typical solar flashlight to give proper levels of illumination for up to 50 meters away, and lighten up your way even further. The solar cells which are used for the flashlight battery charging have almost an indefinite life span. A solar powered flashlight may give several hours of light after being charged during the day. And since such flashlights are designed for emergency situations they are also impact resistant and waterproof.

Benefits of Solar Flashlights

Since conventional battery operated flashlights need to be manually recharged, solar powered flashlight has a great advantage of being free from any problems like this. Great life expectancy of the battery which is charged by sun-light represents high efficiency, saves your nerves and gives you a perfect back-up plan for the situation when you can’t get any batteries or sources of electricity. The other great advantage is represented by the fact that solar powered flashlight will not harm our environment when it comes time for a conventional flashlight to change batteries and you dispose of old, used batteries not in the proper way. Therefore feel confident and safe using solar powered flashlight in the remote places where it is impossible to find any sources of energy, especially electricity, except for solar power.

Offers on the Market

American producer Hybrid Light LLC specializes on producing solar powered equipment, especially lights. Their small hand models Hybrid Light HL40 of solar powered flashlights provide 40 lumens of power for 8 hours of use on a full charge. Another US retailer 21st Century Goods can offer its branded solar powered flashlight “Solar Beam I Solar LED Flashlight”. It is an ultra bright Solar Flashlight with 5 LEDs which make it a very bright, long lasting and energy efficient solar flashlight. Or another perfect example is The Eclipse Solar Powered Flashlights, with power rating of 45 watts, when 6 hours charge provides up to 8 hours light.

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