Solar powered fountain is becoming more and more popular

Solar powered fountainSolar powered fountain is a great alternative for your garden or loan. Directly from its name it is possible to understand that such a fountain will use solar power in order to operate. This type of power is not only freely available but is also inexhaustible.

By using it and not electricity or other sources of power you will not add to any environmental damages or gas emissions.

Solar powered fountains have a solar panel installed in different variations, in order to fit the fountain to the whole decoration system of your garden. This solar panel will become the main generator of the energy, since it will supply power for the water pump which will make the fountain run.

Benefits of Solar Fountains

Solar energy is not only environmentally friendly but is also free and openly accessible. In such a way by using solar powered fountain you will cut your electricity bills greatly, as it will allow you to save up on energy consumption. The other sufficient benefit which solar fountain can offer is flexibility. Since these fountains are free from electrical or any other cords, which were dictating the placement options for your fountain. Now you can place it anywhere you want, therefore making your garden look exactly in the way you designed it to look like.

Solar Fountain Usage

One can use solar powered fountains for decoration purposes. If you always wanted to creatively design your garden or loan, but was afraid to dig everything over and get tangled with all the power cords that they have, now you have a great opportunity to realize your dreams and have a garden you always wanted.

Solar fountains can also serve their initial function of watering the loan. Its application can be different, and may serve any of your will. Solar fountain can be used in different situations, ranging from residential landscape fountain and going to commercial landscape designs, and also not forgetting farming and agriculture landscapes.

Producers’ Offers

Solar powered fountains can vary in volume of water pumped. They will also be different from manufacturer to manufacturer in its design, and availability of applications.

For example a Night & Day Solar Fountain Pump Kit, offered by Silicon Solar producer (USA, Colorado), will allow you to create different compositions, starting from small waterfalls, fountains, and ending with other outdoor or even indoor water features that you can possibly think of. Once installed, the pump is compact, submersible and highly efficient. This solar fountain produces flow rates of ~25 gallons of water per hour and the whole kit includes 8 fountain heads, which will allow you to create decorative spray patterns.

Another American producer Serenity Health can present neat and mini-sized solar powered fountains, the Sunjet 150 and the Sunjet 150+, with the fountain height of up to 14 inches and a minimum water depth needed of ~ 3-5 inches.  This producer also offers a creative solution - Floating Lily Solar Pond Pump, which can be used in any pond or pool, creating an upward spray of up to 18 inches.

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