Solar powered camping lantern - the best gadget for weekend

Solar powered camping lanternCamping is one of the most exciting trips a family can have together and solar powered camping lanterns are irreplaceable in these cases.

The time of going outdoors with friends or close to you people is a special time not only in terms of getting to know each other better, but also in terms of reuniting with mother nature in some way. You also can take with you your dog but use such convinient invention as dog fence.

It is always important to remember that human intervention into the untouched wilderness of forests of mountains should not leave any footprints and marks. However, sleeping under the sky in a tent can become a real challenge for some people.

Why old methods are not the best

Old way of trying to light the camping place at night can be not effective or even dangerous in some cases, that is why solar powered camping lanterns should be used. There is no need to be experimenting with fire, because this it one of the most unpredictable forces of nature, which can turn everything into a disaster. First of all, you will need to find enough wood for the fire to hold through the night, sometimes, especially if you sleep near the lake it is almost impossible, because everything will be wet. Secondly, you, under any circumstances, cannot leave fire burning through the night without a watch, it is extremely dangerous, because fire can get out of control. Making fires is always connected to danger, simply make people around you safe with solar camping lights. They will charge through the day and supply you with the light needed whenever you will want.

What instead

Children are often afraid and not willing to go camping at family reunions because they are afraid to sleep in the darkness outdoors. Different electric bulbs or pocket flashlights can run out of energy or break down easily in the middle of the night. Other types of oil lamps or gas lamps are also not safe to use, especially by children. Solar powered lanterns contain portable solar cells and are easy to handle and very friendly to everyone.

These lanterns use energy from the sun, which makes them very comfortable to use, as they do not need any additional gadgets, like batteries or gasoline and oil for example. In such a way you will safe a lot of space and take more things, which you need far more than supplements of old lanterns.

Such lanterns are also very useful for different emergency situations not only outdoors, but also while at home, when lights will go out suddenly. Solar lanterns are long-lasting and have few years of warranty. It means that the question of light will never be a problem for you, because they will be ready for multiple usage, which simple lanterns cannot guarantee.

Where to buy

Cabela’s, US specialty store, can offer different solar powered camping lanterns, the most popular are ‘Cabela’s Camp Light Kit’, which works on LED, or Cabela's Ultrabright 8-LED Tent Light, smaller source of light for your camping facility.

Solar powered lanterns represent a real relief for the nature, because it is one of the cleanest sources of light, which you can use while camping or simply outdoors. Lanterns collect sunrays during the day, so that you will enjoy them at night.

P.S. Also there are exist another solar devices class as solar powered cell phones that will be very convenient at camping too. You can forget about charging your mobile phone with them forever. Or you can use solar powered cell phone chargers as another versatile solution.

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