Solar powered watches

Solar powered watchesSolar powered watches are no longer a luxury or something technically not feasible.

Since nowadays more and more people are becoming eco-cautious and start to realize all the benefits that come from saving electric energy by using solar power in their household to charge all the appliances, the majority of watch designers are also following this trend and started producing amazing items for the green followers as well as simply environmentally aware people among us.

Watches are an inseparable part of our normal daily activities. Almost every person has a watch and uses it for several times during the day. Its punctuality and accuracy is vital for our daily events. If a watch shows wrong time you can be sure that something will go wrong that day, as time has to be cherished and sure waits for no one.

Before all the solar modules were bigger in size, and therefore it was fairly difficult to image a nice looking watch that could be charged from solar power, but now everything has changed. It doesn’t matter whether you want to have a watch for work purposes or simply as another nice accessory, today solar powered watches come in so many different shapes, styles and other varieties that you for sure will find a perfectly matching solar powered watch just according to your desires.

Benefits of Solar Powered Watch

Solar powered watches work from sun-power. With these watches you no longer have to worry about replacing batteries to keep your watch functioning. If before it was quite troublesome to realize, when you have to change the battery and you were learning it only after the time stopped, this problem will never bother you again.  Solar powered watches are the best option if you experience problems with constant batteries’ replacement.

The other benefit of a solar powered watch is that it is waterproof. So now you don’t have to worry whether you swim with them, wash dishes or take a shower, forgetting to take off your watch, the battery will not get wet and your time will never stop ticking.

How Do They Work

Solar powered watches are special watches which are functioning from solar energy. Such watches are environmentally friendly and also durable and have a great life span. Solar watches do not have a very complicated system inside of them; they have a small solar panel installed behind the crystal. This panel absorbs the sunlight and later converts it into energy, which powers the whole watch. The converted energy is stored in a special rechargeable cell which is also placed inside the watch, which keeps the watch functioning overnight. This system can work without breaks for decades.

Solar Watches Offered on the Market

Majority of leading watch brands are now taking the step further and produce solar watches as they also understand the great benefits that these watches bring. Among the leaders in the industry are solar watches produced by Casio, Seiko, and other. The most popular models are Casio’s AWG100 for men and LCF30 for women; and Seiko’s Waveceptor WVM120J or more elegant models SUP024 for women and SNE062 for men.

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