Solar Powered Security Lights

Solar powered security lightsFor a modern household it is a must to have a solar powered security light. It is not just a new trend, but it is an additional guarantee for your security. If you have an entrance area around your home that is badly lit, or you have a remote garage, that needs additional lightning in the evening, or you want to feel safer while coming back to your home in the middle of the night and see everyone approaching at the late hour, then you will find that solar powered security lights is a relief to all those issues.

Solar powered security lights can be another way of welcoming your guests, by lighting up their way as they approach the house. It can also help you find a keyhole on the door during darker times of the day. And it will also make your household safer, since no person or wild animal would want to approach a place which is brightly lighted.

Benefits of Solar Security Lights

Solar powered security lights gets its power from the sun, which is easily accessible and free. Solar panel that goes along the solar security light kit can be installed anywhere, to get the best possible position for sun-light absorption. They also come along with special large storing capacity batteries. During the day a solar panel charges this internal battery for later uses. And during the night solar powered security light illuminates when it detects any motion in the area, just like any regular electrically powered security lights.

Another great benefit of solar powered security light is its ease in installation. They do not have any wires or cables; therefore there is no need to drill any holes in the walls. You just attach the light unit to the wall. Solar powered security light offers you flexibility in location. The only thing you have to keep in mind is the availability of sun-light for the solar panel. But it is the main condition for any solar powered devices like solar powered air conditioner, solar powered fridge, solar powered fountain and others.

Last but not the least advantage of solar security light is its free operating costs. Once you installed it, you will not have to spend any money for its working time, since it runs from the solar power and doesn’t need any additional sources of energy.

Offers on the Market

New UK’s leading eco brand The Solar Center has different kinds of solar powered security lights to offer. The best ones are models EVO 15TM and EVO 36TM, they are equipped with powerful 2watt solar panels to ensure stable work.  High capacity 3000mAh batteries are included into the kit. It comes with fully adjustable light sensor.

The US producer Harbor Freight Tools also offers a great variety of solar powered security lights. For example Quartz Motion-activated, Solar Powered Security Lights which can be installed anywhere you want is a great competitive product on the market. Having a time of charging equal to 8 hours, this light can operate freely during darker times as it detects any motion over a range of 180°, and up to 60 ft. away.

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