Solar powered fan is affordable and convenient

Solar powered fanSolar powered fan can be a great helper if you need a vent to reduce the surrounding temperature in the room. Such fans come in different sizes, forms and applications; they can become handy for attics, cars, garages, and other closed places, where temperature regulation can be vital.

These devices harness the energy received of the sun to keep the area cool and well-ventilated. Solar powered fans have a specialized solar panel installed as a main generator of power, which will absorb the light and convert it into electricity, which will make the fan work. Usually solar powered fans also come with temperature controller, which will automatically switch one, when the temperature in the room becomes too high, activating the fan. Ones the temperature is at the needed level the fan will switch off, not using any extra energy, and also relieving you from the constant checking on its work and remembering about switching it off, once you no longer need it.

These fans work on the power of the sunlight and in such a way they don’t add to your monthly electricity bills! Don’t worry, they are as effective as their electrically powered alternatives, and in majority of situations, are even more effective, since they do not depend on electricity, which may not be available at different circumstances, and do not need your personal involvement or presence to make sure that they work!

Where can I use it?

Solar powered fans do not need any of your assistance, except for the initial installation and rare cleanings to work smoothly and effectively. Since automatic temperature controller will monitor the surrounding and will make the fan work, when it is needed, you have nothing to worry about. Therefore they are great for attics, storage rooms and other closed areas, which need constant ventilation. Of course you have to keep in mind that solar powered fans need access to sunlight to work as other devices if this kind like solar powered camera, cell phones and solar powered camping equipment.

Of course there exist smaller solar fans, which have no temperature controller, though it is even better, since you would be able to control their work. These fans can be used in cars, to keep your parked and left all closed car cool during the heat of good and sunny weather. Isn’t it a great relief, when you can sit back into a cool car after a proper shopping and enjoy the ride, while all the other have to sweat in their heated up cars? Smaller fans can also cool your room, garage and other places you can think about.

Offers by Producers and Distributors

There are lots of offers available on the market. Majority of attic fans come together with 10 to 22-watt photovoltaic solar panel. For example Solar Star, the leader in solar powered ventilation systems, can offer a variety of solar powered fans with high-performance measurements and long-lasting motors. Their most popular models are RM 1200 and RM 1600 for different size areas. These models are equipped with whisper quite motors, lightweight, 5-wing polymeric fan blades, which reduce motor residence for increasing performance and reliability.

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