Solar powered garden pump will save your time and money

Solar powered garden pumpSolar Powered garden pumps are a new trend which will definitely be very useful and practical for your garden as others solar house systems.

Watering systems for gardens are usually very difficult to install or may require a help of a professional. They may have running costs and will constantly need your supervision and check-ups.

The alternative to those water systems are solar powered garden pumps, which are becoming increasingly popular worldwide. Their best feature is that they have no running costs and are very ease in installation.

Choosing solar powered garden pump is quite understandable, since these new garden devices are very efficient and reliable. They are usually run on battery back-up and use portable solar cells. These are the best option for your garden for simple watering properties or may be used for special pond or fountain arrangements.

How they look like

Solar Pumps are becoming a real competitive alternative for the home garden or back yard loans. Solar powered garden pumps can come in kits that are submersible, which are suitable for small water features. They have no operating costs and what is far more important are easy to install. Spray heights of those panels may vary from 12cm to around 2,5m, which of course depends on the manufacturer’s brand and model.

Solar garden pumps have a small silicon solar (types of solar cell may be different) panel  installed in order to use sunlight which is converted into power, which will eventually be the core of making the system work. When the solar panel is located in the north facing, it will ensure you in getting the most out of your solar pump.

What can we buy now

Australian manufacturers of garden equipment, such as ‘Leaf & Stone’ or ‘Whitehouse Garden’ offer solar powered garden pumps in kit forms. Those kits consist of solar panel, pump, and cable (so that the solar panel can be located 4-5m from the pump, ensuring flexibility and better sunlight absorption) and some even come with different fountain heads.

Special solar powered garden pumps may come in different shapes (it depends on how efficient are solar panels), and can be used on the ground and also on water. Such model of a solar pump as “Garden Lily” has properties of pumping ~160 liters of water per hour, and will resemble a lily flower, floating on the water surface. For bigger ponds and gardens there are special solar systems, such as Oases “Aquarius 700” or “Aquarius 1500”, which will pump ~700 and ~1500 liters of water per hour respectively. They usually consist of one solar pump with 10 or 20 watt panel. If you are looking for solar pumps for smaller gardens and ponds, there are other models like ‘Creative Solar Sm223’ or ‘Creative Solar SBL470, having the power of pumping around 175 and 470 liters of water in an hour.

In such a great variety of solar powered garden pumps are now available in specialty stores, which will help you water your lawn or will become another decoration for the fountain system in your small home garden. Also they make real green conception of solar power energy for home. Different models will ensure the needed water pumping amount and will provide you with long-lusting, cost-efficient water system for your household. Easy to install and perfect in operating these solar pumps with solar panels are great helpers in making your life better and easier.

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