Solar Powered Electric Fence

Solar powered electric fenceSolar powered electric fence is an important appliance for your livestock or household animals’ safety and containment. It will not only keep your livestock in the area you want them to stay in, but will also keep all the wildlife predators from getting into your fenced area.

Electric fences which operate from electricity are quite costly and are very difficult in installation. Therefore a great alternative is now available on the market. Solar powered electric fence has all the advantages of normal manual electric fence but also offers additional benefits which are not possible with common appliance like this. This device is very convenient when used with solar power so as: solar powered security lights, solar powered chargers, solar powered flashlight and others. Notice that such kind of fences is not suitable as dog fences but may serve as common fence in such cases.

Benefits of Solar Electric Fence

For making it all work you will need nothing more than just solar panel. No wires, no cables, the only thing needed is best location where you will place your solar panel, which will charge the electric fence, and everything is already set up! Since there is no need for wires or cables, it means that you can use solar powered electric fence in any remote location. Be flexible, make your protected area bigger, or move it to the place where grass is greener, there are no limits now. For running solar powered electric fence you will not incur any operating costs. Once you install it, no money will run out of your pocket. The only time you have to pay is when actually buying the fence, but consider it as a valuable investment into more sustainable future, even though it may seem quite high from the very beginning.

Additional advantage of solar powered electric fence is that it requires minimum of maintenance. Therefore you do not have to be physically present at the location all the time to make sure that everything is working fine. And since there are no wires, do not worry that your electric fence got out of order because some wild animal somehow has bite through the cable. You don’t have to worry anymore about electricity block-outs or any technical problems on your local electrical station. You will also not pay any attention to electrical storms which can damage your system or let down the guard of your livestock.

Most solar powered electrical fences are very efficient in their operations. They will continue to work even up to two weeks without any proper sun-shine, after they’ve been fully charged.

Offers on the Market

US producer of electric fences can offer solar powered models: B700 Solar and other. The kit includes a special very powerful solar panel, which may vary in size in order to suit your personal needs. They can also offer you Powerbox B100, a special portable application which may turn your manual electric fence into a solar powered one.

Another US solar product retailer sells special solar powered electric fence chargers, which vary in their capacities and power range, therefore being very flexible about area needed to be secure. For example Fishock Solar Powered SS-440 Charger can charge up to 5 acres of fence wire, at the same time FiShock XP-5 charger system is able to charge up to 5 miles of fence wire.

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