City of Science, City of Hope

Masdar ciityIt is no wonder that alternative sources of energy are becoming more and more popular. The world takes up a trend of shifting to more sustainable, environmentally friendly way of life. Solar energy is one of the great alternative ways of keeping your household running without any operational costs.

Leading manufacturers in solar equipment, particularly solar panels, DuPont and Suntech Power Holdings Co., Ltd, have recently signed a strategic agreement between themselves having its goal to help increase the supply of solar cells, photovoltaic materials, technologies and advancements for the growing global market for solar power.

The two companies argument this action as a step to achieve faster, better and broader adoption of solar energy in order to reduce the world's dependence on harmful fossil fuels. The stated objectives of the mutual cooperation and agreement is to achieve higher and better figures and metrics by improving and fostering the technology development for solar energy and in all the ways possible helping reduce its costs. Another very important aspect of the agreement, which was also named as a very important goal of the agreement is to build greater awareness of solar energy benefits to the public, and therefore to the future consumers.

This collaboration of DuPont with Suntech was also featured as part of a short newly produced documentary titled, "City of Science, City of Hope". This documentary was recently aired on TV during the BBC News "Horizons" series.  It is a great overview of this grand novelty in the world of solar energy as it shows all the aspects and respective goals set before the collaborating parties. The documentary highlights the role of high quality DuPont solar and photovoltaic materials that enable the Suntech Company’s solar modules to help power the city of Masdar – which is one of the most sustainable cities and places on the whole our planet, and it serves now as a model of what urban but at the same time green development can be.

It wasn’t an easy decision, but DuPont believes that it is a right step forward. It has been bringing world-class engineering and science to the global market in various forms of specialty innovative products, solar raw materials, and services since early 1802. Nevertheless DuPont believes that by collaborating with our global customers, local governments, big NGOs, and all thought leaders of the world we can be successful in finding solutions to such global problems that we have to face nowadays as providing enough healthy food for people all over the Earth, decreasing dependence on harmful fossil fuels, and especially protecting young and fragile life and our surrounding environment.

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