Solar powered chargers are good solution to power all your electronic devices when your are far away from outlet

Solar powered chargerEvery one of us experienced some problems with running low on battery when we especially needed it, and simple charging is not an available option. To such a situation solar powered chargers are a great relief and solver of lots of minor and also not so minor problems.

In a modern world one cannot live without special gadgets as a mobile phone, mp3 player, or portable reader, video viewer or game console. Such portable devices has eased our life greatly, however they need constant charging. And now you can have a solar powered charger in order to take care about that. Solar charger is a great way to power your electronic device in easy, cost efficient and also environmentally friendly way.

Solar powered chargers use solar power, sun-light, as a source of electricity to charge your devices. Small solar panels absorb the light and convert it into the energy in a fast and very efficient way. By the means of a special cable that usually plugs into the USB port or is specifically adjusted to other electronics, it transfers the energy powering the device.

Work modes

These chargers can operate in two different (or even in some models both options are available) ways. In the most popular way the solar chargers are connected to the device and turned to the sun with its solar panel, which will absorb the light and directly charge the battery of the equipment. However, another option is possible when a charger is absorbing and storing the power in its inner battery and only later is connected to the device, operating in such a way as a single battery back up. Some solar chargers can also have both functions, and therefore can help you in both ways, whether you have charged it earlier, or you are using it in a real-time mode.

Usually these solar chargers are portable, designed initially for helping you while you are on a trip away from home or any sources of electricity. Small solar chargers are like normal solar panels, and usually have the same properties. If you are looking for the most efficient one it is better to purchase the charger with monocrystalline panel, as it can offer efficiencies up to 19% (how efficient are solar panels depends on type of solar cell).


Portable solar powered chargers are now available with high diversity among producers. If before the quality of the solar chargers was not high enough due to lower technological development, today you can be sure that when buying one you will receive the highest expected performance.

The California based company Solar JOOS, which won the Best of Innovations 2011 award, offers its solar powered charger called JOOS Orange. It is able to recharge smart and regular phones, iPads, mp3 players, portable game devices, cameras and many more. JOOS Orange is highly durable and also waterproof, therefore you can feel free to take with yourself on the boat trip. It can work in real-world light conditions even under low light, also in the shade and also when there is a light rain. It was proved that it can charge at least 3,5 times faster than other portable solar chargers that are available on the market at the same price.

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