Solar powered garden lights are easy to install and will light up the darkness of your garden

Solar powered garden lightsIf you ever thought about lighting up your garden with minimum effort and technical support involvement, then you definitely have to try the solar powered garden lights. You will fall in love with their simplicity, efficiency and enormous benefits that they can bring to your household and also to the environment.

Garden lights are essential, if you would like to make your garden cozy, elegant and neat. However difficulties with laying the electricity cables to high lamp posts and also small lights can categorically discourage you about this idea. This in term may lead to neglecting your household yard outer outlook, not speaking about other inconveniences that may occur due to the fact that the back yard or loan is not lightened during darker times of the day.


The alternative, solar power energy for home can be a great resolution for this problem. By having solar powered garden lights you will no longer need to worry about the electricity cables or special technical help in installation, and also monthly electricity bills. Solar garden lights have a special portable solar cells installed on them, which will do the whole work. The panel will absorb the sun light during the day and store it till the automatic light sensor will turn on the LED when it becomes dark, therefore using the power only when it is needed. You no longer have to worry about digging up your garden while installing the garden lamp, or about switching on the light when it is already dark or forgetting to turn it off in the morning.

What producers offer

Right now different solar producers can offer a wide variety of garden lamps, ranging from high street-like vintage lamp posts, that have a solar panel installed above the lamps, or smaller ground stake lights that you can place anywhere around your garden, with possibility to relocate them at any time when you would like afterwards.

Chinese manufacturer Shenzhen Hi-semicon Electronics CO., LTD company offers different products, including 40W, 60W, or 65W energy saving LED solar powered garden light lamp posts, under the brand name: Hi-semicon. There are different models HZ-TYNTY60W, HZ-TYNTY40W, or HZ-TYNTY65W, with the pole height of ~3 – 3,5 meters. They have special solar panels (types of solar cell may differ) of 60, 40, and 65 Watts for charging the inner battery (12V/60AH, 12/38/AH and 12V/55AH respectively).

If you are interested in smaller lamps, the US manufacturer and supplier Silicon Solar, Inc. has a special line of products called EuroLight, which use LED bulbs and are the most competitive small garden lights on the market. The models name is EuroLight Solar Garden Light with different variations, which refer to other particularities of a product. They need 2-3 hours to charge and will be able work for ~12 hours. The compact (usually silicon or polymer solar cell) solar panel is located at the top of the garden lamp. Therefore feel free to place your lamp anywhere, as it easily stacked into the ground. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is that the location you choose needs to be full with direct sun-light during the day in order to charge the battery properly.

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