Solar powered generators are good replacement for common electric generators

Solar powered generatorWhen constant electricity block-outs are playing on your nerves, or when your power supplier is very unreliable in supplying electricity to your home; than it is a time for you to purchase solar powered generators for your household and be sure that next time when you will really need electricity – you will have it 100%!


These solar generators are powerful emergency “backup” systems which will supply your home with continuous electrical power and correspond to the conception of  "Solar power energy for home". Portable, and therefore easy to store and relocate, solar power generator can produce around 1800 or even more watts of household electricity, when you especially need it.

When you think of solar power, you have to understand that it works on the sunlight, the continuous and relatively inconsumable source, which is later converted into electricity through the photovoltaic effect. The solar panel absorbs the light during the day, which is later converted into electricity and is stored in the generator. This solar powered generators are extremely powerful, very efficient and yet very simple in usage. Therefore you may not be afraid of acquiring one, as you for sure will be able to use it, and understand the working mechanics. Solar generators run with absolutely no noise and emit no fumes, and as a result of their work, they produce absolutely free electricity.


The most common solar generator kit will usually consist of three main components (“generator-backup”, solar panel, and the charge controller). These components work together and will create your own small home power plant. The features and benefits of such a solar power generator are immense. First of all, the installation will require minimum time and effort. Since the time needed for installing a solar panel is just a few minutes, this is basically what is required from you, after that you can start plugging in your electrical devices. 

Secondly, this solar house system will provide a back-up power when you need it, since the solar generators are capable of storing the power; you can easily use them only when you need them. What is more, it is portable; therefore you can replace it, move it, relocate it and even take it with yourself for camping (like solar powered camping lantern) or into remote areas, where electricity is not easily reached. Furthermore, it generates permanent power, can be used to run different appliances (from televisions to lights and computers), and is a perfect solution when the power suddenly went out.

Models and where to buy

Usual Power Packs, the solar powered generators assembled in America, come in the capacities of 600, 1000, 1200, 1600, and 1800 watt Solar Backup Generators. They are accompanied with 90 watt Solar panel (polymer solar cell or any other type) and 50 feet Solar Panel cable, to provide you with flexibility in locating the panel in best places with the most sunlight. The brand UPG offers a variety of solar panels and solar generators. Their best deal is Ecotricity 1800 Watt Solar Power Generator ‘ECO1800S’ which provides you with 1800 watts of electricity for your use. Or if you are looking for a smaller alternative, you can use The Sunforce 50048 60 Watt solar generator kit, from US producer and brand Sunforce.

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