HelioPower the Most Efficient Solar House Systems Provider

HelioPowerSometimes choosing an appropriate provider of solar house systems is very difficult and also challenging. Now solar industry is instantly growing and expanding. There is a lot of competition present and it is quite complicated to evaluate among them. Some offer low costs, others promise greater efficiency. However recent independent consumer study made in California, USA, has provided the name of the company, which, by the reviewers, is the best value leader in the industry. Such an honor and acknowledgment was given to the HelioPower company. It appears that HelioPower delivers the highest value in solar house systems in American state of California. This result was derived from the independent consumer study which was evaluating all major solar power installers in the area.

Figures for HelioPower

A daily digest for California State’s solar energy and power industry, PV Solar Report, published that HelioPower had ranked the highest in the state in terms of offering the best value of solar systems to its clients. The main figure on this report was the price per watt, as majority of consumers are still price-sensitive. HelioPower was able to provide energy, brought from the sun power, with a price of $5.55 per watt. If the number seems not that stunning, you should realize that the overall state average was calculated to be around $7.82 per watt, as stated of March 14, 2012, report. For the larger-scale comparison the study also reported that the worst-performing solar systems installer's rate is $12.57 per watt, therefore HelioPower can provide twice the value for such a price.

Since price per watt is the first calculation that should be kept in mind, it is also useful to look at other figures. PV Solar Report of March 14, 2012, has also published the comparison of the costs for the average 5 kilowatt solar house systems offered by the competition in the state. The price for HelioPower solar system was at between $27,750 (with $5.55 per watt), while the price for the worst performing competitor appeared to be $62,850 (at $12.57).

Why HelioPower Is the Best

Therefore it is no wonder that the choice of consumers was so vivid. HelioPower not only offers the most efficient price per watt of power, but also offers around of $35,000 saving on the solar house systems. What is more, HelioPower appeared to be not just the cost leader, but also the quickest installer of all. They are the first ones to make the job done in the shortest period of time. PV Solar Report also admits this fact, they say that their ‘data shows that HelioPower company is capable of consistent delivery of the lowest prices per watt available on the market, and also offers one of the shortest installation times among the state's solar equipment installation firms.’ Therefore HelioPower offers the best return on investment ratio for its customers.

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