Solar powered battery charger

Solar powered battery chargerSolar powered battery charger will become one of those essential devices that you will have to get for your household. These battery chargers are great helpers when no other sources of energy are available, but you urgently need your gadgets or other appliances.

Solar powered battery charger don't require any external sources (such as plug-ins or other) to recharge battery in your cell phone, in the navigator, radio or any other electronic devices.

In such a way solar powered battery chargers can offer you a great advantage of freedom of movement. You are no longer glued to your electronics. Since sun is available from fairly any place in the world, feel free to take the charge anywhere you might think of going. Therefore, if in any situation you will run into trouble or will simply need to charge your gadget – just place the battery charger in the direction of sun rays and you will be amazed about the ways how this device can help you and make your life easier and more enjoyable.

Benefits of Solar Powered Battery Charger

­It is clear that solar chargers offer immense benefits. Firstly, solar cells while in use generate no emissions, toxic or harmful waste or any other byproducts. The working scheme behind solar cells produces electricity by transferring the energy from photon to electron – photovoltaic effect.

Secondly, this charger is portable, even though it comes in different sizes and forms, it will fir in almost any road bag, backpack or even purse. Feel free to take it with yourself to the camping place to charge any electronic devices that you will need, or on a long trip, where you will have no access to the sources of energy. Be sure that solar powered battery charger will become handy in any place and in any situation.

Its portability and environmental friendliness are two biggest reasons for which you have to own a solar powered battery charger. Though, you should also be aware about possible drawbacks of solar charging. Solar chargers are majorly beneficial, but they are still dependant on the sun. Therefore if you happen to be caught in a troublesome situation during the night, solar charger may not be of such a great help. However, some chargers also come with a special storage battery, which will store the unused solar power for later. Though, not only night, bad weather and thick cloud cover may also have a negative impact on solar cell operation.

Offers of Manufacturers

US producer of solar equipment can offer different models and different battery chargers for different devices. However, the most popular universal battery charger, that can charge batteries ranging from AA to AAA size, as well as phones, IPods, automotive devices and even marine devices is iSol Plus 2X Solar Battery Charger. It is very compact and portable, coming with different cables for different needs. Another American producer, Gold Master, can offer his product, the Solar Powered Battery Charger which can charge 4 "D" - "C" - "AA" - "AAA" battery types.

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