Solar powered battery

Solar powered batteryThe device, which uses the sunlight to produce electric currents and is stacked with rechargeable batteries that are combined to provide continuous electricity, is called solar powered battery. Such a battery can operate generators, solar systems, industrial applications or commercial applications as well as other remote devices. These batteries will use sun energy in order to convert it into electricity and store it for specific needs.

Why do I need solar powered battery?

Such a battery can be a back up for your own solar system or for other electric appliances at home. Since it has the ability to store the converted energy and preserve it for future needs it will serve as a great supporter in times when sun is not that strong, or during the days with very bad weather or during the season when the amount of sun available is shorter. Or it can be used as a power source for remote applications, where electricity is not available or when sun is no longer there, for example to power your camping equipment during the night.

Types of Solar Batteries

RV / Marine batteries – these batteries are suitable for smaller systems, such as boats, camping equipment and other. They can be used to power up your smaller appliances, but do not really have the capacity for continuous service with a big amount of charging-discharging cycles for several years.

Flooded types batteries – these and the following three types are heavier industrial types batteries. Flooded batteries release gas when charged; therefore they should not be used indoors. Such batteries are used in industry and are not good for in-home usage.

Gel batteries - sealed gel batteries do not release gas during charging. Therefore there is no need for venting and they can be used indoors for powering up digger systems.

AGM batteries - Absorbed Glass Mat batteries are the best available solution for solar power usage. These batteries are leak proof, do not release gas during charging, and have superior performance in comparison to other battery types. AGM batteries possess all the advantages of the gel type batteries and are of a higher quality, will maintain voltage better, capable of slower self discharge, and will eventually last longer.

Offers by Producers and Distributors

The majority of solar systems producers will have their own solar powered batteries offered. However, there are other producers who are willing to offer their products to the public. The Deka Solar series of batteries is aimed to offer reliable, free of maintenance back-up power for solar energy applications. Some of the best products that they can offer for household are Deka/MK AGM, Gel, which come in capacities of 6 and 12 nominal voltages. These batteries are produced by USA manufacturer East Penn, which offers flooded, gel, and AGM batteries to fit all of your solar applications, such as: garden water pumps, wind generation, solar panels and other.

The Office of Naval Research has also developed and deployed a portable power device, known as the Ground Renewable Expeditionary Energy Systems (GREENS) with portable 300-watt hybrid battery generator, capable of providing 300 watts of continuous electricity.

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