Solar-panel Sunglasses

Solar-panel SunglassesSolar-panel sunglasses are possibly the best and most logical solar gadget that you can ever think of. If you want to look at it from a rational perspective, then this device is quite useful and justified. Even though right now the design of such solar-panel sunglasses is not that attractive, it is quite clear that in the near future scientists and developers will be able to make this device even more appealing to the public. Right now with the help of such glasses it is possible to charge small electronic devices such as radio, mobile phone, e-reader or mp3 players and other. Therefore it allows you to make your stay in the sun even more enjoyable and useful.

Development and Design

This great device was developed by two eco-designers Hyun-Joong Kim & Kwang-Seok Jeong. The concept behind SIG, or “Self-Energy Converting Sunglasses”, the solar-panel sunglasses is quite simple. The lenses of those unusual glasses have dye solar cells installed on them, which collect energy and make it able to power some of your smaller devices through the power jack which is placed at the back of the frame. The dye solar cells on the lenses collect solar energy, and then convert it into electricity. This electricity supply in turn is fed to a small power jack at the back side of the glasses. When you think about solar cells, dye solar cells are not that usual. However, dye solar cells, as described by the designers of the SIG, are cheap organic dye, which with the use of nano technology can provide cheap but very high energy efficiency. These glasses therefore are quite inexpensive, light in terms of weight, and fully visible-ray penetrable. The lens work in two ways, first of all they turn sunlight rays away from your eyes, the rays that could bring a serious harm to your eye-sight, and moreover turn them into electrical energy for your later usage.

Why You Need Solar-panel Sunglasses

Even though Solar-panel Sunglasses were just an idea and a concept-device in year 2008, it will be easily available on the open market soon. You will be able to choose from a variety of styles, designs, colors and also outer material. Right now solar-panel sunglasses patent is in the hands of their designers and will not be yet produced in mass production until all the analysis and tests are done. However, you may even now consider this great device and add it to your wish list. First of all, these sunglasses will represent a very innovative and break-through method of powering your electronic devices in eco-friendly and green way. With the help of such glasses you will be able to properly protect your eyes and also listen to your favorite music on your map3 player without any fear that the battery may run out. Such glasses may also become handy when your telephone needs some express charging and you do not have your charger or there is no electricity available around. These sunglasses are light, portable and easy in exploitation.

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