Solar Powered Laptop

Solar powered laptopSolar powered laptop is now a fully feasible and commercial product, which you can come across on the market. If before you could observe smaller electronic gadgets being turned into a solar powered ones like solar powered camera, you can feel pretty sure that solar powered laptop is a not smaller break through.

Such a laptop represents freedom of location, easy usage and what is far more important – no harm to the environment.

Directly from its name it is possible to realize that such a laptop will be working from the sun. Since sun is easy accessible everywhere on Earth, it can be used for different purposes and it has no costs applied to its usage, therefore it can be a great source of investment for your wallet and a pill for majority of headaches.

Features of a Solar Laptop

A solar powered laptop will also use a solar panel as its main supplier of energy. However it is not reasonable to have a remote solar panel like portable solar cells, which will go along the laptop, otherwise there would be not much sense in such invention. In a real fully solar powered laptop the solar panel is build directly on the back side of the monitor, therefore you can leave your laptop in the sunny place, being sure that it will not get harmed, but will only charge itself from the received light; or alternatively solar panel is also installed under the keyboard or in the area around touchpad. Having these two places for solar panel ensures proper supply of sun-light. Since while working the monitor is usually set perpendicular to the sun, therefore a second location, the keyboard and touchpad area is now getting its full range of sun rays.

In such a way it is possible to say that the days of rechargeable laptops are over soon. Since solar powered laptops represent far more flexibility and openness to different situations and applications. You can get out of the house and enjoy sun and fresh air in your outdoors without thinking about any low battery charge or its dying out.

Offers on the Market

The famous electronics producer had taken an initiative in modeling and constructing first solar powered laptop. Its idea is now being actively implemented into reality and soon you too will be able to possess this perfect and utterly awesome Samsung NC215S — the very first solar powered laptop on the market which officially went on sale in the United States. US high-tech stores are already over flooded with this amazing creation. The laptop’s size dimensions are: 10.1 inch, it has a 1024 x 600 pixel display and 1GB of memory with, equipped with a 14 hour battery, which is far more productive than any laptop of the same characteristics and size. The solar panel installed on the back side of the monitor can be powered by the sunlight of capacity that corresponds to one hour of operation for every two hours of charging.

Another concept of solar laptop is worked on by Fujitsu and designer Andrea Ponti. The “Luce” laptop operates with two solar panels, one located on the top, and a second one under the transparent touch-keyboard. However the total weight of the laptop approximates to around four pounds.

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