SolaPad accessory for iPad

SolaPadIf you ever thought about solar powered gadgets you for sure have considered their usefulness and high efficiency rate. These gadgets can for sure make your life easier and make your energy consumption more environmentally friendly and green. Currently, eco designers have lots of projects in their minds, but they still pursue one, the most important goal – to provide consumers more productivity and satisfaction, staying environmentally cautious. They also follow modern market trends and design solar powered gadgets with the idea to help modern consumer. Therefore Solarwerks Inc., a fully-owned subsidiary of the global and diverse company Domark International, Inc., had designed a new attribute to all iPad holders – special device named SolaPad, which represents in itself a combined cover as well as a charging system for Apple's iPad.

The Initial Idea of SolaPad

In its initial idea SolaPad was developed in order to protect the iPad from crashes and breakages in case of falling from the height. Since even the vice president of marketing of Square Trade – the iPad sales warranty company – says that ‘Like its antecedent iPad 2, new iPad can break in the same fashion, as the form factor of the new iPad is almost identical to the iPad 2.’

After the iPad warranty company, SquareTrade, has run the series of unscientific drop tests, where workers of the company had to drop both iPad 2 and new model of iPad from their waist and shoulder heights, in different position, at first glass up and then glass down, onto a hard, solid, flat surface. Even though both models quite successfully survived the face up falls, though far worse scenario was while face down drop, as their glass overlays totally shattered. From this drop-test the damage brought to the new iPad's screen was more significant; as in one drop test case, the display of the device nearly separated from the case.

Therefore Solawerks, Inc. Decided to design a solar gadget which would be able to help the iPad to get less damage while dropped.

How SolaPad Works

However, this great device, even though designed to protect the console, has not just this function. It also charges Apple iPad using solar energy. Solapad is designed in a way so that it would be somewhat impossible to drop the iPad and therefore have it hit the ground on the screen. The main trick is in the shape of the Solapad. Moreover, when iPad happened to be dropped on any other side, it will be less subject to damage because the Solapad case material is especially made to absorb some of the shock. For more tough conditions than stay at home, Solawerks, Inc. is now also working on the development of a special Solapad version made out of hard rubber for more protective purposes.

New Solapad is a specially designed electronic sleeve, which was manufactured for all versions of the Apple iPad. It contains a large, high-efficiency and productivity solar panel on its back side in order to convert the sun light into energy, and is equipped with an additional internal battery to keep your iPad charged all the time and turn it into a new item among other great solar powered gadgets.

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