Solar Powered Street Lights

Solar powered street lightsSolar powered street lights will become a symbol of care for the environment, commercial well-being and prosperity as well as foresight into the future of any city. Solar power brings enormous benefits for its users and will serve for almost indefinite time for our purposes; therefore it is quite a rational way of using this source of energy for lightning purposes in rural and urban areas.

Whether you think about installing street light to lighten up your parking lot, or light up your new business building outdoor area, or municipality of the city may think about using them for outdoor location such as common parks and squares or certain streets were criminal cases have accured earlier since no lighting was provided, solar powered street lights will be very useful and efficient step towards a better future of the community. Another device of such kind is solar powered security lights that may be more convenient for personal use.

Benefits of Solar Street Lights

Solar powered street light will help you to enhance security around the area of your concern, improve commerce or create visibility of any location. It is useful to mention that solar lighting is an economic and environmentally friendly choice for your parking lot, roadway, campus, path, any retail or corporate building-complex, bike trail, advertisement billboard, road signs, smaller pavilions, bus stops or any other.

Such street lights are bright symbols of your commitment to the environment. Moreover, you will benefit greatly, since no operating costs are incurred. Solar power is enough for a successful operation of such a street light. Highly productive and efficient it will not cost you any money except for the very first investment, when you actually buy a light. Maintenance is also very easy and also free. Regular visual checks can save you from serious technical interventions.

Solar powered street lights are not connected by any wires to the source of electricity, therefore they are perfect for remote locations, were electricity is not easily available, or it is simply impossible to power the light in any other way. Moreover, you city and other outdoor street lights will no longer suffer from energy block-outs or any inconsistencies with electricity in your areas. Feel secured and sure that your area will always be lightened up.

Offers on the Market

American company Sol, a producer of solar powered appliances is a leader in solar light industry. It was successful in lighting up thousands of miles of streets worldwide. Sol provides urban areas around the world with highly-efficient solar roadways and solar street lighting solutions. Their street solar lights are affordable, very reliable and moreover enhance lives by improving safety, increasing productivity and enhancing community life. Among their most popular models you can find: 20/20™ Solar LED Lighting for parking lots, GreenWay® Solar Path Lighting for pedestrian-scale roads and other.

JiangSu New Pengfei Street Lamp Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. a certified Chinese producer can offer its products, such as PF-SL models, pure 6-8 meters solar street lights with 30-50W power range.

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