Solar Powered Oven

Solar powered ovenSolar powered oven or solar cooker does exactly as its name suggests. You should not be surprised about what solar engineering came up with nowadays. Solar oven is a great solution as it uses the energy from the sun in cooking food. When traditional ovens use electricity or gas, this solar powered device is a great alternative, because benefits of solar power are immense.

Especially in territories of climates where sun is the strongest these types of solar powered ovens are a feasible alternative to the standard ovens. This is because they will not only save you money on monthly energy bills but they are also very environmentally responsible. So this oven will be very handy for example in Cambodia where you can easily cook some cambodia food using their wide variety of recipes.

How Does It Work

Solar powered oven works as any other solar powered device (solar powered air conditioner, solar powered security lights, solar powered backpack). The basic idea behind it is to attract the sun’s energy using the solar panel and then convert it into electricity and store it for later uses. The solar panel is usually located remotely from the actual cooker and supplies the storage battery with the energy during the day. In such a way solar powered oven is a normal electric cooker which is powered by the sun-light.

However, there are also different constructions and designs of solar cookers. For example a less high-tech version uses reflective mirrors of a polished glass, or they can also use metal or metalized film in order to get and concentrate light and heat from the direct sun-rays into a smaller cooking area, which makes the energy even more concentrated and also helps to increase its heating power.

Features of Solar Powered Oven

Even though the less high-tech versions of solar powered ovens are more popular and even less expensive, the sun-powered electric ovens are great alternatives as well. The greatest feature of such a cooker is its relative low costs. They need very low initial investment and will not require any financial costs in the future.

The cooking time in such a solar powered oven depends primarily on the type of equipment that is being used, as well as on the amount of sunlight available, and of course on the quantity of food that is being cooked. It is also vital to keep in mind that air temperature, as well as the wind and latitude may also affect cooking performance.  Therefore it is quite understandable that time around noon is the best for cooking and that larger quantities of food will take longer to cook. With a small solar panel oven, it will be possible to melt butter in around 15 minutes, to bake some small cookies in 2 hours time, and to cook rice for four persons in about 4 hours. However, this all is quite approximate as it will of course depend on the local climate conditions and the solar oven type, therefore the figures might change.

Offers on the Market

Solar Direct, US solar products manufacturer, can offer you a great solar powered oven model named as The Global Sun Oven. This solar powered oven can bake, boil, or steam all your food in the natural way. Be sure that anything you can cook in a conventional electric or gas oven can be cooked in The Global Sun Oven. It will quickly reach temperatures of even 360 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit!

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