Solar powered air conditioner

Solar powered air conditionerSolar air conditioning is a process which refers to the air conditioning system, which works on solar power – solar powered air conditioners.

Air-conditioning of your house without any use of electric power can only be done through the use of solar energy, which is converted with the help of photovoltaic effect.

A usual solar air conditioner will go together with a solar panel, converter of DC current produced by the solar panel into AC current used by conditioners, and a regular air conditioner. During the day-time, when the sun is up high, a solar powered air conditioner will absorb the sunlight through the panel, which is usually located outside the home.  The absorbed sunlight will be converted into electricity which will make the air conditioner work.

Where Can I Use Solar Air Conditioning?

Most common solar air conditioning units come in smaller sizes to fit regular flats, however bigger sizes are possible in order to air condition the whole house. These conditioners can be used almost anywhere where the sun shines. Their most noticeable benefits are low operating and maintenance costs, which will no longer add up to your monthly bills. They will not consume any electricity as all the loads can run from solar panels. You can use solar air conditioning to cool down the area in practically any place you want or need, the only condition should be met – the solar panel has to be placed in such a way, so that to receive a substantial amount of sun-light.

Why should I Use Solar Air Conditioning?

Solar powered air conditioners will not yield any additional costs except the initial investment. The payback period for a typical solar powered air conditioner will of course vary depending on initial price, warranty, incentives and credits in your country or state. However, for example, in USA a solar HVAC system can fully pay off itself in as few as two-three years, making solar air conditioning a clearly beneficial investment.

Offers of Producers and Manufacturers

Since solar panels produce DC power and majority of air conditioning systems run on AC power, it is usual that some power will be given up for additional conversion, and therefore some efficiency will be lost. However, Solar Panels Plus LLC a US manufacturer and distributor of solar energy products offers an alternative to this usual problem - SplitCool DC-18 DC Air Conditioner. This air conditioner avoids the inefficient loss of power and efficiency or addition of an "inverter" to the whole conditioning system that converts the solar panel produced DC current into AC current, as it is run on DC current directly. It is available in 18000 BTU Capacity and works with standard PV solar panels.

A competitive manufacturer from China Passion Manufacture Co., Ltd, offers new air conditioning systems, models KF(R)35GW and KF(R)50LW, which can function as cooling or heating systems, with the capacity of 3500 watts and with no less effectiveness than other producers.

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