Solar Powered Water Pump

Solar powered water pumpYou can turn your household into an environmentally friendly, cost efficient place by just purchasing solar powered water pump for your home. Whether for large arrogation areas or for smaller gardens we need water pumps to supply water for the plants, fruits, veggies, and livestock.

However installation of a common water pump can be quite troublesome and will require high expenditures in the future, particularly for supply of electricity for its operations.

You shall not get your mind on the question whether solar powered water pump may be a difficult arrangement for you. Solar powered devices are easy in installation and operations. Since they run from the sun power they do not need any additional wires or cables for power supply, and therefore they can be located anywhere and relocated later with ease. A typical solar water pumping system will consists of only three parts: firstly it is a solar panel array, the most vital part of the system, as it is the power supplier; an electric motor, the one, which makes everything work, the solar panel supplies power to it, and the motor powers a bore or the upper surface pump. Solar powered water pumps are the systems that do not need any energy storage, their high efficiency enables for them to operate without any loses. For bigger agricultural purposes solar powered systems are perfect, as they are much more cost-effective than remote power suppliers and far more efficient than wind turbines.

Advantages of Solar Powered Water Pumps

Solar powered water pumping system can be used for smaller garden, but it can also serve as a water supplier for farms, bigger gardens and plantations. Since during the sunny days the need for water is greater, but the solar technology is more efficient as well. That is why this great advantage puts it before the alternative water supply sources. The more sun there is the more output will the solar panel produce, the more efficient it will be. Not counting other advantages as that this new technology is simple in operation and installation; is very reliable, and doesn’t require any of your actual maintenance.

If you used different water pumping system before you will be able to get along with the solar powered one in no times! Such a system will help you with the water supply for large and for small areas . It was estimated that properly installed quality solar powered water pumping systems can serve you for even over 20 years.

Manufacturer’s Offers

Australian solar products manufacturer Energy Matters has a wide range of products available for your purchase starting with submersible pumps and pressure pumps, ending with surface pumps and bore pumps. From the surface pumps one can find particularly these very useful: Conergy 12Volt Solar Force Piston Pump or Conergy 24Volt. These pumps can push water uphill as well as over long distances for your village, home, irrigation or even livestock uses. Another American manufacturer Shurflo has specialized on highly efficient solar water pumps. The Shurflo 2088 series pumps can be used in variety of transfer and dispense applications without particular restrictions, where flows of approximately 3.6 gallons per minute are required.

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