Solar Powered Backpack

Solar powered backpackSomehow new technology took a step further, however not forgetting about some old but very useful things, like backpacks, presenting to the public first solar powered backpack. It may seem funny from the first sight, but you better keep your laughs for later!

It is quite known that when we travel or go hiking, or decided to have a nice weekend in camping area you will need power for certain gadgets which make our life easier, more secured and more versatile. Certainly you can take several devices that are solar powered itself like: solar powered fan, solar powered cell phone or solar powered radio but the backback is more convenient.

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Solar Powered Flashlight

Solar powered flashlightAfter being charged for couple of hours the solar powered flashlight can give several hours of constant, strong light. It is a best helper in a situation when you need light during the night; however you happen to forget to take extra batteries along with yourself.

Or when you are caught in an emergency situation and have no chargers, batteries or other way to charge your flashlight, then what you have to do is to leave the flashlight under the sun-rays and let it absorb the energy from the sun, which later will be used to lighten up your way.

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