Solar Powered Laptop

Solar powered laptopSolar powered laptop is now a fully feasible and commercial product, which you can come across on the market. If before you could observe smaller electronic gadgets being turned into a solar powered ones like solar powered camera, you can feel pretty sure that solar powered laptop is a not smaller break through.

Such a laptop represents freedom of location, easy usage and what is far more important – no harm to the environment.

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Solar powered battery charger

Solar powered battery chargerSolar powered battery charger will become one of those essential devices that you will have to get for your household. These battery chargers are great helpers when no other sources of energy are available, but you urgently need your gadgets or other appliances.

Solar powered battery charger don't require any external sources (such as plug-ins or other) to recharge battery in your cell phone, in the navigator, radio or any other electronic devices.

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