Solar Powered Homes

Solar powered homeNow is really the time when you have to turn your household into a solar powered home. Solar energy is a great alternative to electricity and other energies as it is safe and easy, free of charge, easily accessible and not harmful for our environment.

Sun is available for us for about a half of the day, and it is during the day that we mostly need our electronic devices, except for light in the evening and other minor applications. But it is mainly due to its features that make solar power a perfect solution for your ongoing electricity problems and create sustainable, energy efficient solar powered homes.

If you have constant discrepancies in electricity supply or there are often block outs that leave you without any light and energy for hours, or if you have really high monthly bills, or if you are concerned with our environment and all the harmful emissions that take place while using electricity or other power, then it is your turn to take a step towards  a more sustainable future.

Features and Characteristics

It is true that solar equipment is quite costly; therefore it is a high investment in the beginning. But if you really have in mind changing your lifestyle and making your household as one of those solar powered homes, you should understand that it is really worth it! The benefits are immense, and the costs will pay off for themselves in couple of years. Other great characteristic of solar panels (the main devices in solar powered systems) is their ease in installation. You will not suffer from long and noisy arrangements. To set up all the solar systems will take from couple of days to one week of your time, and all the works are done outside, therefore your privacy will be preserved. Solar equipment is easy in maintenance, regular outer checks will ensure that the device is working correctly and nothing is lagging behind. With solar power there is no need in long and not convenient cables and wires, therefore solar powered home also represents a freedom of location. If you desire to place this garden solar powered fountain in a different place, you just take it and put it there.

Offers on the Market

Australian solar power equipment manufacturer Ingenero is known for its large solar systems installed to supply power for entire buildings. They work with 5004 polycrystalline silicon solar panels, 8.4 kilowatt SolFocus, in order to cover the roof area, which will become your personal power plant. They offer long warranty guarantees for over than 10 years and are able to calculate the exact amount of solar panels needed to create your own solar powered home.

Sunforce Products ProSeries Solar Backup Power System 1300 Watts 39307, solar system by Canadian producer , supplies around 1300 Watts of electricity. Therefore it is an ideal set of solar panels which will power up your home and also store extra power for emergency usage.

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