Solar house systems - the full solution for your household

Solar house systemsIf you have decided to change your home into a better, more environmentally friendly and sustainable place for you and your family, at the same time providing yourself not only with alternative electricity but also with lower bills for your monthly utilities, then you need to think about what kind of solar house systems you will install.

They can vary in size, efficiency, type and also durability. Majorly solar panels differ in the amount of Watts that they can produce, and therefore this feature will also dictate how big solar panels will be. It directly depends on how efficient are solar panels that you will choose.

If you decide to buy a 100 Watt silicon solar cell, ignoring all the disturbing factors, it will be able to produce around 100 Watt of electricity in an hour. Following the same logic, 200 Watt solar panel will generate 200 Watts of electricity at the same period of time. However the physical size of the panel will be also around two-times bigger than the 100-Watt solar device.

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Solar powered cell phones now are rare but very promising

Solar powered cell phoneHow many times did it happen to you so that your phone battery got recharged at that very moment when you needed to make an urgent call or were waiting for someone to call you?

Yes, cell phones became irreplaceable and essential part of our lives. We simply can’t imagine our life, our day and even an hour without it. And we get frustrated and confused when our cell phone gets recharged and we have no place nearby to revive it. We can’t judge whether it is good or bad.

The reason that makes us feel so is our modern world of high speeds and technologies. But don’t worry now the problem with the telephone charge can be resolved.

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