Solar powered attic fan

Solar powered attic fanSince attic is the highest place in your house and therefore it accumulates the biggest amount of heat in summer season, your attic for sure will need some proper ventilation, and in this question solar powered attic fan can help you.

Since this is the place for which you don’t want to devote much time, however, if you happen to forget to ventilate it the consequences can be quite dramatic. Therefore forgetting about it, or closing your eyes is not an option, though high costs of installing an air conditioner there to cool down the space which you don’t actually use is not a solution either.

Proper ventilation for least costs and for minimum of your involvement can be provided with the help of a solar powered attic fan.

Advantages of Solar Attic Fan

Since solar power is easily accessible, free and can be used in order to make your electronic devices function then its benefits are immense. With the help of solar power you will be able to reduce your monthly electricity bills. It doesn’t cost you anything, while you are using the energy from the sun, therefore forget about skyrocketing amounts on your bills during heat-seasons. Even though the initial costs of such a fan may seem quite high, be sure that they will pay off even after the first year of usage, as you will have to pay only once, without any future costs. Solar powered attic fan will provide you all the advantages that a regular attic fan can offer – proper ventilation of the room, cooling down of the temperature, helping to get rid of moister and therefore will prevent your attic from mold and mildew and even arboreal fungus, which can be quite troublesome and emit unpleasant smells.

Solar attic fans are also equipped with the special temperature control system; therefore you will not need to bother about personal checking on temperature level in your attic. The fan will automatically switch on when it becomes too hot and will work until the needed temperature is reached.

Another important advantage of solar attic fan is its ease in installation and therefore no need to think about how to put the electric cables to the roof of your house. The solar panel is usually installed outside of the house, on the roof itself or on the outer wall, therefore you are flexible in placing the fan at any place, you would like, but keep in mind that the panel will need constant access to the sun rays, as it is its main source of energy. Solar powered fans operate without any noise and are fully automated to help you forget about these routine daily choirs.

Offers on the Market

American producer of solar equipment, EcoDirect, can offer solar attic fans of different power and for different sizes of the area. One of its most successful models is Natural Light 850 CFM Solar Attic Fan, this fan can come in different power capacity: 10, 20, 30 Watts, with the venting capacities of 800 CFM, 1275 CFM, 1550 CFM. As the manufacturer has a very strong belief in its product they can offer a warranty for up to 25 years. Another famous manufacturer of solar products, Solutabe Internaitonal has a specialized attic fan SOLAR STAR® SOLAR PANEL equipped with 10 – 22 watt solar panel having the highest output and very low noise.

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