Solar Powered Lawn Mower

Solar powered lawn mowerA solar powered lawn mower is usually a special electric lawnmower that uses solar power as its main energy source. They may be different in design and also in the amount of power used. You may come across special partly solar powered mowers; you may also find fully solar powered lawn mowers for your household.

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Solar Powered Oven

Solar powered ovenSolar powered oven or solar cooker does exactly as its name suggests. You should not be surprised about what solar engineering came up with nowadays. Solar oven is a great solution as it uses the energy from the sun in cooking food. When traditional ovens use electricity or gas, this solar powered device is a great alternative, because benefits of solar power are immense.

Especially in territories of climates where sun is the strongest these types of solar powered ovens are a feasible alternative to the standard ovens. This is because they will not only save you money on monthly energy bills but they are also very environmentally responsible. So this oven will be very handy for example in Cambodia where you can easily cook some cambodia food using their wide variety of recipes.

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