Solar Powered Gadgets

Solar powered gadgetsIn our modern world you can see more and more solar powered gadgets being offered on the market. And it is quite clear, since nowadays a very high level of sun-light and sun-heat hits the Earth everyday it is almost unreasonable not to use it in some way. Solar energy is open for everyone and what is far more important – it is free.

Therefore if you would like to safe up on electricity bills, help to sustain our environment and make a useful and valuable contribution to your own and your children’s future, then you definitely should have at least one of these cool and modern solar powered gadgets.

How does it Work

Right now there are great things offered on the market, which use sun-light as their main source of energy. As a major component of such equipments they will have a solar panel installed whether directly on the device or remotely. The size of solar panel will depend on the applications of the device and its size most of all. Such small gadgets like solar powered flashlight or solar powered calculator will have smaller solar panels directly on the surface. Other devices such as solar powered outdoor light stamps or solar powered water pumps will usually have solar panels installed on a wire to enable flexibility of location of the device and flexibility.

The solar panel will absorb light through the so-called photovoltaic effect. It means that it will get the sun-light when it is available and covert its energy into electric current. Usually solar powered gadgets are equipped with special storage batteries, which will store the received energy and use it for later uses. It is also possible that the solar panel will provide the power for the gadget during its direct operations.

Offers on the Market

Since the trend of becoming more environmentally-friendly and cautious had embraced the whole world now, it is possible to see almost any gadgets to be solar powered.  For example, there exists Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750, produced by Logitech Company. This 1/3 of an inch thick solar powered keyboard features 2.4GHz wireless and gets power from outdoor and indoor light, freeing your keyboard from any wires and batteries.

Another great solar gadget is solar powered boom box. If you were looking for a way to get your tunes into outdoors, then Eton's cool and stylish Soulra XL Solar-Powered iPod/iPhone boom box will help you out. It features a small flip-out solar panel. This panel will allow you to charge your iPhone or other music device while listening to music through the speakers.

Another great gadget is a solar powered E-readers developed by LG. These devices are known for their modern technology that appears to be perfect for reading even in bright sunlight. Therefore LG proposed a solar-powered e-reader panel prototype which combines 10-centimeter solar panel with an Electronic Reader device.

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