Solar Cells Efficiency Competition

Solar cells efficiencyAt the end of January, 2012, a special Photon Laboratory’s 2011 module field performance test took place as a concluding event of the solar development and innovation of the last year.

It had its aim to determine how efficient are solar panels and which company can be named as a leader in the industry, offering most efficient products on the market. The tests were conducted in Germany at the Photon’s laboratory, in a place which serves as a symbol of engineering excellence and innovation.

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City of Science, City of Hope

Masdar ciityIt is no wonder that alternative sources of energy are becoming more and more popular. The world takes up a trend of shifting to more sustainable, environmentally friendly way of life. Solar energy is one of the great alternative ways of keeping your household running without any operational costs.

Leading manufacturers in solar equipment, particularly solar panels, DuPont and Suntech Power Holdings Co., Ltd, have recently signed a strategic agreement between themselves having its goal to help increase the supply of solar cells, photovoltaic materials, technologies and advancements for the growing global market for solar power.

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